Financial Reporting Made Simple
GOSFR makes financial reporting   just a click away

GOS Financial Reporter
GOSFR gives your finance team the tools they need to boost productivity.

GOS Financial Reporter brings all management and financial reporting tools into one place, relieves you from repetitive and time consuming task and makes financial reporting just a click away.

  • Prepare financial statements (Consolidated or Single) in any reporting framework
  • In-built industry specific financial statement formats and disclosures
  • Consolidate multiple financial statements
  • Compute Financial ratios and interprete them for management use
  • Compute Complex Computations required for financial reporting e.g IFRS 9 Impairment, Amortised Cost Computation, PPE Depreciation, etc

Features of GOSFR

GOS Financial Reporter can help your business user's access, map, and load relevant information from disparate sources - for more efficient, transparent, and reliable information management processes.

Extensive Financial Statement Library

Industry Specific Formats and Disclosure

Easy to Use features

Financial reports on Ms Excel, Ms Word and PDF is all linked and easy to audit and review.

Software License

One-off payment (No future payments required).

Financial Reports

Annual reports, Statutory reports, Quarterly reports, Management reports and Daily reports

Multi-Currency Consolidation

Consolidate multiple financial statements.

Annual Financial Statement


App Screenshot

Profit and Loss Registry
Trial Balance
Consolidated Balance Sheet
General Ledger Mapping
Consolidated Profit and Loss

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